Whistle Trill is a white alicorn with hot pink and cyan hair. Her hair is usually seen down and she has a braid around one ear. Her eyes are hot pink.


Whistle Trill is very strict in public but she is a nice pony on the inside. She is easily enraged, and short of patience. She is a bit crazy and doesn't like her sister when she annoys her. She is overall a mellow pony and somewhat of a hippie.


Metimorphisis- Her sister is extremely annoying and can be a trouble maker at times. Whistle does not like her mannerisms.

Lunardusk-  Her best friend Lunardusk and her always hang out and talk. Lunardusk and Whistle can be mischievous at times.

Claws and Flash- These two Griffons have crushes on Whistle. They always fight over her, usually resulting in Whistle trying to stop them.

PomPom- PomPom is friends with Whistle. They enjoy talking about boys,playing Truth or Dare, and annoying Pixel.

Pixel- Whistle enjoys annoying him. However, they are sometimes friends.

Greenwings Colorzap- He is young and Whistle still gets along with him.

Havoc- This draconeqquis may seem crazy but him and Whistle get along great

Tinwhistle Melody- Whistle was in a band with her. Tinwhistle played flute and penny whistle and Whistle played drums, bells, recorder, clarinet, and keyboard.

​ Occupations

Guidance Counselor.

Whistle used to be a counselor at a high school. She was fired after she accidentally deleted the school server from the computer.


Whistle is currently an instructor running the EPA program. She trains ponies for shows, does paperwork and yells alot.

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