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I'm fixing/cleaning some categories since we have doubles and some pages either lack them or have not enough (e.g. for description of powers). Just wanted to give a shout before I begin. Oh, also some of the categories lack descriptive pages...


If we have a "Mares" category we also need a "Colts" category. But we don't need the "Mares" and "Colts" categories if we can combine the "Ponies" and "Male" or "Female" categories. And what about trans-sexual characters. And what about child safety? We should then have a widget that must be inculted in the pages... oh, I know a Template which are also not continiously used in all pages, which makes this wiki look a bit ugly. But that's just my opinion.


BEGINING "MAINTNANCE" (26th Jan. 2016)


Changelog (GTM +1):

[26th Jan.]  Added categories "Psychic Powers", "Physical Powers", "Elemental Powers" and "Other Powers".

[26th Jan.]  Added categories: "Locations", "Equestria", "Equestria/Somewhere", "Equestria/Ponyville", "Equestria/Canterlot", "Equestria/Crystal Empire", "Equestria/Everfree Forest", "Original Characters", "Equestria/Cloudsdale", "Equestria/Appleloosa", "Equestria/Baltimare", "Equestria/Dodge Junction", "Equestria/Fillydelphia", "Equestria/Froggy Bottom", "Equestria/Ghastly George", "Equestria/Hollow Shades", "Equestria/Las Pegasus", "Equestria/Manehattan", "Equestria/Rainbow Falls", "Equestria/Technotitlian Basin", "Equestria/White Tail Woods", "Equestria/Winsome Falls", "Equestria/Galloping George", "Equestria/Foal Mountain", "Equestria/Tall Tale", "Equestria/Breezie's home", "Equestria/Tartarus", "Equestria/Our Town", "Equestria/Flame Geyser Swamp", "Equestria/Smokey Mountains", "Equestria/Griffon Kingdom", "Equestria/Hoofington", "Equestria/Trottingham", "Equestria/Saddle Arabia", "Equestria/Mustangia", "Equestria/Maretania", "Equestria/Maretonia", "Equestria/Hoof City", "Equestria/Pinto Creek", "Equestria/Flash Freeze Lake" and "Equestria/Whinnyapolis" [26th Jan.]  Added category descriptions for: "Ponies", "Unicorns", "Humans", "Males", "Females", "Characters outside of Equestria", "Pegasi", "Unknown Species", "Earth Ponies", "Children", "Babies", "Teenagers", "Adults", "Elders" and the previously added categories, to remove the "red-marking".

[26th Jan.]  Moved all characters from the "Ponies outside of Equestria" to the "Characters outside of Equestria" category.

[26th Jan.]  Moved all characters from "Royalty" to "Royalties".

[26th Jan.]  Moved all characters from "Pagasus" to "Pegasi".

[26th Jan.]  Moved all characters from "Mares" to "Females".

[26th Jan.]  Added category: "Pokeponies".

[27th - 28th Jan.]  Changed a shit ton of stuff and I'm too lazy to list that all.