Hello there wikians and pony fans!

It's no secret that I am now an admin here.
As you will have noticed I have changed the wiki theme, it looks a lot nicer now compared to before, but I do think I will change it again soon. (As soon as my stupid computer starts to work properly.) It would be nice if you guys could suggest some colours you would like to see implemented in to this wiki's theme, this place is for everyone editing here, not just myself. (I know for a fact that a lot of people don't like the same colours I do.)

Another order of business I need to get to now that I am admin is the wiki features.
What do you want to see on the wiki?

  • Message Walls or Talk Pages?
  • Forums?
  • A Chat?
  • Achievements?
  • Maps?
  • Top ten Lists?

And why would you like/not like to see these features on the wiki?

I look forward to your responses~
- This has been a message from le Hiro Horse -

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