The Shapeshifter is an un-named mare, coming from a distant planet (unrevealed yet). She is currently 27 years old.

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Early Life (Pre-Equestria Life)

Not much has been revealed yet about The Shapeshifters past life. She does not originate from Equestria, name of her home-planet still being unknown. The home-planet of the Shapeshifter is confirmed to be atleast 4000 years old, a young planet. The Shapeshifter stated that she doesn't know if she has an "original form" but she did say that when she was a filly she was Fluttershy. In the Shapeshifter's fourth form, she revealed to The Doctor that her home-planet has been occupied by a tyrant Governor. The Shapeshifter, The Retribution and a few more shapeshifters were high-profiles of a movement to take down the new tyrant and revert to the laws of the first Governor of the planet (the planet having a total of 4 governors). . Both The Shapeshifter and The Retribution were suppose to be executed but they fleed against the law. The Shapeshifter abandoned The Retribution in order to flee from the planet, this being the cause of The Retribution desire for revenge.

The beginning of the life in Equestria

Once arriving in Equestria, The Shapeshifter was in her first form (Fluttershy), meaning she didn't spend too many years on her own planet. After a while the mare began dating an R63'ed version of AppleJack, and is still dating him today. In her first conversation with her coltfriend, The Shapeshifter stated that she was 20 years old. She's been having a pretty lonely time because her coltfriend was busy all the time, so she tried meeting more ponies. One day, as she was walking through PonyVille, she bumped into The Doctor After a small chat and on a small journey into space with the Doctor, she was recruited as his Companion.

Living with the Doctor and Equestrian Life part I

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When The Shapeshifter was Fluttershy, she traveled to Space with The Doctor, and that was their first real trip together. After being poisoned and beginning the shifting process, Fluttershy was hospitalized for a while. She was attacked by a vampony who bit her, speeding up the shifting process. Later, a virus had corrupted the TARDIS mainframe and imprisoned The Doctor in his TARDIS while Fluttershy was changing, and The Doctor stayed by her side daily to make sure nothing bad would happen.

Vinyl Scratch

Vinyl Scratch installed a Sound System into the TARDIS while the Doctor (Third Incarnation at that time) was gone. When the Doctor arrived inside the TARDIS, being surprised about the system, Vinyl taught him how to use to DJ table. The Shapeshifter, in her Vinyl form, was known to take drugs. Her most taken drug was Amphetamine with atleast 3-4 overdoses. Later on, The Doctor promised to help Vinyl whenever he possibly could, and saved her from drowning and dying by cause of Colgate, whose current status is unknown. The Doctor helped heal one of her stab wounds inflicted by Colgate using some medicinal cream, and offered her a place to stay when she was changing into Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle

The Changeling Doctor and The Shapeshifter were planning to go to Barcelona when all of the sudden the cloister bell rang 3 times. After the ringing stopped, The Shapeshifter and The Doctor (Changeling at that time) had realized they TARDIS collided with another TARDIS, namely the one back when The Shapeshifter was Fluttershy and the Doctor was in his fourth incarnation. As Twilight Sparkle, The Shapeshifter seem to caught a great interest in Time Travel (especially after the events of "The Delorean"). 

The Delorean

The Shapeshifter actually received the DMC-12 Delorean from future (year 20XX). She met Doc Rieland, a scientist considered to be crazy by the other scientists, yet he is the creator of the first experimental Time Machine. Doc Rieland was in look of experiment "partners". The Shapeshifter being decided to take a shot and help ponies evolution by volunteering. After 1 day of continous work alongside Rieland they managed to finish the Time Machine, the DMC-12 Delorean. Unfortunately, Princess Celestia didn't "like" the idea of time travel, so her guards ambushed Doc Rieland and The Shapeshifter right before the test could take place. Spending another day in the local PonyVille prison, The Shapeshifter managed to escape, promising that she will return to save Rieland soon. Taking the Delorean, she inputed the date and accelerated. Once the car reached 88 MPH, She realized the experiment was a success since she was transported back in the present day PonyVille.


The Shapeshifters earliest actions when she turned into Octavia was to tell AppleJack how she feels. It was obvious her personality changed. Cold as an ice-berg, she told AppleJack the truth and how she feels about their relationship. Their relationship was going down hill ever since her first shapeshift. They began talking less and less until the point no-one talked anymore to each other, and they were a couple. Once the Shapeshifter let out all her emotions, both agreed that it's not going to work anymore and they broke up.

The Cellist

The Shapeshifter finished repairing the Delorean, or so she thought. She decided to take it for a time-travel test drive. Setting up the coordinates, she noticed a small flicker on the Time Circuit. The Shapeshifter didn't bother to stop and fix that, thinking it's just a display problem. Once everything was ready, she sped up to 80 mph. Once the car reaches 80 mph, The Shapeshifter noticed something gone a bit wrong. The Time Circuit and the dashboard itself sparked once, the time circuit displaying random dates. Unable to stop now, the Delorean time traveled. After the time travel, she finds herself still in present (2012) PonyVille, also during night time. The Shapeshifter slowly drives the car to her usual hide out for it. Once there, she exits the car and begins wondering around, her intention being to walk to the home she used to stay in back in 2012. Once she reached her home, she noticed the door was strangely locked. Considering that this could be just the action of guards to lock her house down, she used the window. Once she got inside, she woke up with a few changelings in from of her. They immediately begin using their magic to shoot at Octavia. Panicking, she jumped out the same window she got in and ran away. The Shapeshifter was confused of why changelings were in her home. She decided to run back in town and take a check, being suspicious. Once she got in town, she found out that everything was wrong. Changelings everywhere.

Equestria Life part II

Princess Luna

The Shapeshifter as Princess Luna didn't have many intriguing activities. She did have a few, but no interesting activity happened until the very end of her shift.


The Shapeshifters ability to shift happens everytime The Shapeshifter would be deathly injured. At the point of dead (where a normal pony would be dead) The Shapeshifter would begin a "Three Phase" state. The entire process can take anywhere between one hour (the fastest) to one/two weeks (the slowest).

Phase one

In phase one, there aren't many physical or mental changes. It can however, be noticed as the eyes become red, sometimes a dark red. This is a warning phase, telling The Shapeshifter that she/he will shift soon.

Phase two

In phase two, there are a variety of possible changes that can happen. You could get physical changes, such as growing horns (Fluttershy), or there can be no physical changes, but random personality changes (Vinyl). This is the main phase of the shifting process, as the body is trying to search for a new form, and sometimes a few of the searches get released too early.

Note: The changes made in phase two are not always indicating the next form (Vinyl was acting like Pinkie Pie).

Phase three

In phase three, the next body is selected and the only thing remaining is to get rid of the old, dead body. The Shapeshifter becomes completely white, losing all her emotions and being unable to speak.

Forms of The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter had three forms so far:

First form (Fluttershy)

The Shapeshifters first form was Fluttershy.

Death: Fluttershy died being lethaly poisoned. More info about her death was never released because she never talked about it with anyone.

Date: 12th June 2012 - 17th July 2012;

Second form (Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3)

The Shapeshifters second form was Vinyl Scratch AKA DJ Pon-3.

Death: Vinyl Scratch died from a knife stab to the fight after an encounter (second one) with her nameless Rival which also suffered the same fate as Vinyl Scratch (both of them being Shapeshifters)

Date: 17th July 2012 - 9th September 2012;

Third form (Twilight Sparkle)

The Shapeshifters third form was Twilight Sparkle.

Death: Failed escape. Jumping from the second floor while being extremely injured in attempts to escape the attack of The Doctor.

Date: 9th September 2012 - 20th October 2012;

Fourth form (Octavia)

The Shapeshifters fourth form was Octavia.

Death: Killed by a shapeshifter guard that attempted to execute her sister (The Retribution) and her coltfriend (Fireflighter)

Date: 20th October 2012 - 18th December 2012;

Fifth form (Princess Luna)

The Shapeshifters fifth and current form is Princess Luna.

Death: Attempted to kill the Corruption using a magic projectile, but at the same time, she killed herself. The injury on The Corruption appeared on the Shapeshifter too. More details in the "Moving on" sub-plot.

Date: 18th December 2012 - present;


  • When the Shapeshifter was created, she was planned to be able to shift between forms whenever she wanted but that idea got removed because of the character being overpowered.
  • The Shifting process is a reference to the Doctor Who regeneration process, even being a vital plot point from The Doctor's story arch.
  • The Shapeshifter was never planned to meet The Doctor . It just happened.
  • The Corruption was suppose to be it's own entity, but that idea got rework.

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