Stella is a member of Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Stella was a kind pony when she was younger. However, she didn't have any friends. When she found a magazine of Pudgyville's then-current residents, she was outraged and vowed to shut the down down for good, or at least slim down its inhabitants. She found Stephanie and Mary and they became The Calorie Stealers.


Stella is a skinny white pony with yellow hair and fuchsia eyes.

Stella in present day.


Stella is a nice pony to talk to, though is also very resourceful as proven only during her days as part of The Calorie Stealers. During her days in that group, she was also very deceptive, often tricking other ponies, notably ones in Pudgyville, into believing what she told them. She was also the leader of the group, often making decisions Mary and Stephanie followed, even if they had doubts.


Stella has no romance relationships but has Mary and Stephanie for friends.


Stella has a rich cousin named Gloria