Sleepy Pants is a pegasus Living in The Fillypines. Her family are Dream Ponies(excluding Flareon),

they Protect the Ponies Dreams from becoming a Nightmare


She is a Lime coated Pony with a Heart shaped braid for a mane and tail. She is mostly seen with her Sky Blue Shirt and a Sky blue sleeping hat. Her cutie mark is a Thought Cloud with 3 Z's.

when Rainbow powered, Her mane is longer and has Yellow and Bright Green streaks.

when Nightmared, Her Model will become like Fluer dis Lee. She will have an Umbrum Horn and her Cutie will become a Spiked Cloud with 3 Broken Zs

when Humanized, She wears a Grey Jacket with a Purple shirt and skirt. Her shoes are Sneakers with Very long socks. Her Hair Will have a clip of her cutie mark. Her normal house suit is an undershirt with her Cutie mark and Her Leggings. her Prom dress has the same design of Twilight Sparkle except with a BLazer and a Headband with her cutie mark

Personality and Abilities

She is one Clumsy Pony when it comes to Performances. She is also Shy when Meeting new friends

She Protects dreams from being a Nightmare or she will be corrupted

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