Basics of Rainbowstorm  In 2012 Zeydoko-Hagane on deviantart created her very first pony oc. Originally Rainbowstorm was pure black-gray with no white markings. She was also originally supposed to wear a black and red striped jacket. At one point Rainbowstorm's name was changed to Colorsplash, and Astrologic. This is her photo gallery on Facebook. Ask questions on her page for more info on past development. 
  • Art by
  • A base used to make a Christmas photo of Rainbowstorm.
  • Rainbowstorm SFM model
  • The original Rainbowstorm Drawing.Go to
  • Second photo ever don of RS.
  • Photo by a deviantart user I can not remember name.
Art trade with zeydoko hagane by bananers97-d6a0zdy

Art by

Just some info on Storm. 

Rainbowstorm is I guess somewhere fitting along within the lines of Rainbowdash's Family. As far as we know Rainbowstorm has no siblings. One of her hobbies is skateboarding. Her cutiemark was earned from her other hobby/ talent of swimming. She swam under a waterfall and the water and light reflecting off of her mane made a rainbow. She is know to cause it to "Rain Colors" because of how much she loves to fly when it's raining and storming. Her backstory is still developing. Her friends are, Winterfresh, Krain Holm, Thunderstrike, Seashore, Scootaloo, DJ Maddi-3, Butterscotch, Quicksilver, Firedancer Flare, Turquiose Wing, Purple Star, Derpy, Rainbowdash, Babs Seed, Twilight, Luna, and Rarity. 

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