Pop Drops is a pony from Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Pop Drops went in for an x-ray appointment when the machine malfunctioned and cost her most layers of skin. It was weeks before she could even eat again but her appearance has not been restored, making her appear see-through.


Pop Drops is a fat seemingly see-through green pony with light purple hair and gold eyes.
Pop Drops

Pop Drops at Belly Beach.


Pop Drops tends to be more cautious around sensative issues, mostly concerning her backstory.


Pop Drops has a somewhat large family with a sister named Drip Drops, a mom named Mrs. Drops, a dad named Mr. Drops and a cousin named Rain Drops.


While not in any romance relationships, she has a best friend named Floaty Spin, whom also has unique properties.  


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