Ms. Sheila is a school teacher in Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.


Ms. Sheila is a fat white pony with gold hair and light green eyes.
Ms. Sheila Typical Attire

Ms. Sheila in one of her typical outfits.


Ms. Sheila is rather outgoing, often thinking positively when her class or other ponies are feeling down. She likes to make learning fun in response to her past. She is typically open to any outfit worn by her students for her class as it becomes necessary for her grading. Even so, she does have grades that can affect your performance based on your outfit of choice. She also has a large amount of history about Pudgyville and has a book on the subject.


Ms. Sheila has a mom, Mother Sheila and a a dad Mr. Sheila.


While not finalized, Ms. Sheila has shown some interest in Kyle, one of her students but only after he showed interest in her. However, she does not fully understand why she's into him.


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