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Mint Storm


Absol Pokepony




Southern Equestria


Equestrian Guard

Cutie Mark:

None, she cannot get one

Mint Storm was a female Earth pony who transformed into a Pokepony when magically fusing with an "Absol" after being forced to enter another world through a mysterious mirror. Since her fusion she was trained to keep the south part of Equestria safe from invaders.



Mint Storm is cold and harsh. She does not do well when in social situation and is a bit of a loner. She is also strong and powerful, and isn't afraid to show off. She doesn't take well to criticism, and takes her job as an Equestrian Guard seriously.


Mint Storm has a mint coloured coat with grey and pink hair. She has pink Absol like features, including a horn, claws, and spines on her back legs. She has grey chest fluff like an absol and her mane and tail look like an that of an absol as well.


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