Milky Tunes Is a Turquoise pegasus with white hair and a music note for her cutie mark



Has a straight mane like Pinkamena with a red scarf that has a muscial note and microphone pattern. She is Turquoise and sometimes seen with a red tulip in her mane. Around winter would wear red socks.


Lives in canterlot whilst her sister "Eraforest" who is a Rebel-like Vampire pony lives in the everfree forest. Era is a herbalist whilst Milky writes songs and sings them at concerts and parties, Also has a slight talent for art but only does lineart every once in a while. Her mother is unknown much like her father, She learnt to sing at age 11 in a musical academy for Teen-Mares hosted by Princess celestia with highest grade and award winning songs like "Earnt it for you", "Filly" And all sorts. and one of the only female children to be a hit singer in Canterlot!


Milky is a happy-go-lucky pony, she is very kind, yet a bit timid, She still tries her best to be confident, and opened up a lot ever since she's been doing concerts, She tries not to get in peoples way and overall is a nice, friendly person who just likes to have fun with all her friends!


  • Age 12 (turning 13)
  • Has a sister named "Eraforest".
  • Favorite colour is red.
  • She is now usually used as a human oc
  • On 27th September 2017 She got a more poofed mane style