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Midnight Pegasus




Trottingham, UK District, Equestria


Student Artist

Cutie Mark:

A paintbrush painting a red cat.

Midnight Absol is a female pink Pegasus pony from the Uneighted Kingdom District of Equestria. She is AbsolTheHiroPone's Ponysona. She is the older sister of Pixdeen, the best friend of Flaire and the love interest of Pony!Hiro.



Absol is rather cold hearted and usually a loner pony. However she loves her friends dearly and will do anything to protect them. She is very obsessive and come come across to other ponies as crazy due to her being so excitable.


Absol ties her mane up in to a ponytail and has a long and messy fringe. She dyes pink, purple and purple-black streaks in to her mane and tail. When her Midnight Pony features grew in, a gem in a similar shape to Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark appeared on her chest, giving her magical powers. Her wings resemble that of Midnight Sparkle, and her red eye (which was that colour due to an infection when she was younger) is slightly demonic, with a small pupil. She tends to try and keep that eye covered by her long fringe. She wears a chocker collar with a golden triangle and blue bull head on it, as well as a golden chain with many charms on it, which include triangles, a pawprint, a star, an "A", and a heart-winged locket from Hiro.


Absol is a studious pony who no matter what is going on elsewhere does her best to focus on school. She is skilled in digital art more than any other, so her cutie mark is actually inaccurate. She is a rather good flyer.