Jasmine is a resident of Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Jasmine in her typical attire.

Early Life

Jasmine grew up under the threat of two bullies that ridiculed her. It wasn't until her mom gave her the confidence to shrug off the hatred that she was able to handle them. Jasmine also was born with a birth defect that prevented her body from taking in nutrients. Since it didn't matter what she ate, Jasmine opted to have an unhealthy diet. Still, her weight hit 125lb and stopped as the birth defect had another side-effect with weight gain, After a period of time, it would stop affecting her body as a whole. In other words, Jasmine couild still eat but she could not gain or lose weight by eating. She also couldn't lose weight by magic either.


Jasmine is not swayed by hate easily. She's a bit of a show-off as well, often parading her body to cameras. As such, she often does not have her eyes fully open. However, despite having an admirer Bob, Jasmine does not share the same feeling for him. Still, she admires his persistance and will occassionally give him a treat.


Jasmine is currently not in any relationships.


Jasmine has a sister named Love Kiss and a cousin named Yasmine, neither of which really resemble Jasmine at all.


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