James Vienna is a tall unicorn from Trottingham who lives in Horseshoe Bay as a local freelance worker. Although he's a bit of an odd ball, he's a respected individual in the community.

Early Life

When James was only 3 his parents split up and neither wanted to take care of him. as such, he was put into the loving care of his grandparents. His grandmother taught him various different art forms and his grandfather taught him how to hunt, how to fix a wagon, how to be a tough guy, and how to get the ladies.

Adult Life

James had a rough time getting situated when he moved out of his grandparents house. The few girlfriends he had over time would support him as much as they could, and he would eventually find a few steady jobs and a stable apartment. Life however would find a new challenge for him. James would have to adopt his niece, who he had previously never knew existed, from a sibling he had no knowledge of, and he was the only family member that could take care of her, as at that point his grandparents had to be put in a nursing home.

Present Day

At first James and his niece didn't get along at first, over time they would warm up to each other and become an unstoppable duo together. She would find a job at the local dairy store, and both their incomes led them to get a small cottage in the forrest. All would get even better when James found the mare of his dreams.


James is very calm and kind, though he does tend to go into a panic when under stress. He can also be pretty flirty if he finds a pony he likes.


James is a tall stallion with a red coat and purple eyes. His mane and tail is green and blue, which glows and dims depending on his emotions. His horn is tall and piercingly sharp, and sports a bit of fluff in his fur.


James has the very basic unicorn powers of levitation and teleportation, but both only work on objects.