"Choices we make are not so simple. Either its from going to good to bad. Sacrificing a friend or risk your own life for it. Well Twilight. If you had to betray your friends and go to the dark side would you do that??? Or if you didn't you would have to kill them."

Jade is related to Princess Cadence. She was good when she was a filly. She was supposed to be princess besides Twilight. But when Discord came back to make Chaos he fell in love with Jade. Jade had no love for him at all. Discord was heartbroken. So he decided if he held her sister captive and gave Jade a choice to either marry him and create Chaos with him or kill Cadence with her fusions. Jade made the choice to go bad and make chaos with Discord. Discord wanted children from Jade but she always denied his request. So then Discord created Screwball so him and Jade could raise her together.

:Cutie Mark Meaning: Jade's cutie is a bright silver heart with fusions of electricity going around it. She got it when she was training her magic. Cadence got mad at her for messing up her mane. So Cadence keep yelling at Jade and she was still using her magic. All of a sudden a fusion of electricity came out of her horn and it was the shape of a heart. Cadence was amazed by this. She wanted to tell her Aunt Celestia about what happend. Jade was only a filly around the C.M.C age.

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