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Heart Blaze






Chrysalis Hive (Formally)
Ponyville (Currently)


Ponyville Matchmaker

Cutie Mark:

A heart on fire

Heart Blaze is a brave and daring female Changeling from the Chrysalis Hive. Heart lives in Ponyville. She is the arch nemesis of Silent Dust and best friend of Xethon Skull. Heart is part of the Elements of Love and wields the Element of TBA.



Heart Blaze is kind hearted but also very brave and daring. She isn't afraid to speak out her opinion and doesn't care much for what other ponies think of her opinion. Despite this, she cares a lot for what other ponies think of her herself.


Heart Blaze's coat is nearly black in colour, her hair is a strong green colour. Her mane is styled somewhat simmilarly to that of Trixie Lulamoon's, but has holes in it- like a Changeling does. Her tail is rather messy and is styled somewhat similarly to that of Rainbow Dash's, but again has some holes in it to give her a distinct changeling look. Her legs also have 4 holes in each of her four hooves. Heart accessorises with a green necklace which has a red heart shaped gem fitted inside a gold plate one it, and a green body harness that can be connected to eachover. Unlike other changelings, Heart Blaze has a cutie mark.