Galapeño (Gala for short) is a resident of Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Galapeño grew up in Mexico at a time where spicy food restaurants were abundant. After initially not wanting to try the spicy food, Galapeño got the courage to take a bite and has loved the food ever since.


Galapeño is a fat red pony with green hair. She has dark orange eyes.

Galapeno at Belly Beach in Pudgyville.


Galapeño has a tendency to be somewhat flirty and wiggles her rump as she walks along.


Galapeno lives with Mr. and Mrs. Spice, each with their own lifetyle.


Galapeño is now girlfriend to Darren, whom gained weight for her out of love and as per Galapeño's request.


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