Flora is a pony from Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Somewhere along the line. Flora's eye sight started to deteriorate to the point where it distorted her vision and made everything she saw a nightmare.


Flora is a fat dark yellow pony with dark blue eyes and fuchsia hair.

Flora's typical appearance.


Due to her vision problem, Flora is always scared, taking hours to do even basic tasks like going downstairs for food. Eventually, she picks up on the fact that what she's seeing is much more benign and carries on. However, the cycle repeats itself each day. Meeting others is also difficult for her for the same reason. She'll hide when she sees another pony coming and often stutters when she speaks.


Flora has a sister named Fuzzy Shores and is cousin to FiM's Fluttershy.


As her eyesight is so poor, Flora does not have any relationships for the forseeable future.


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