Floaty Spin is a character from Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Floaty Spin has always been fascinated with fish so her father helped combine her with a fish tank, giving her much of her present day appearance. It was a difficult thing to adjust to since she'd been not only skinny but admiring fish from the outside of the glass tank.


Floaty Spin is a fat blue pony with purple and yellow hair and dark pink eyes. Her body creates its own waves thanks to merging with a fish tank.

Floaty Spin

Floaty Spin's natural appearance.


Floaty Spin doesn't like going in the water, mostly because she already has plenty of water inside her. Plus she finds it rather silly given her appearance.


Floaty Spin has a mom named Mrs. Aqua and a dad named Mr. Aqua.


Floaty Spin has no relationships but has Pop Drops for a best friend.


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