Flippy Dove Treat is a pony of legends in Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early History

Flippy Dove Treat was around long before today's residents inhabited the town and long before the town's regulations accepted fat exposure. She didn't like seeing how ponies were imprisoned, even for just a little fat exposure so she decided to do something about it. After waiting for the right moment and with additional support, she initiated the War of Fattrition to dismantle the regulations and give Pudgyville new hope.


Flippy Dove Treat is a fat light blue pony with dark blue hair and light purple eyes.

Flippy Dove Treat at Belly Beach.


Flippy Dove Treat is an avid supporter in sticking up for what's right, even if that means trouble from the opposition.


Flippy Dove Treat has a sister named Slippy Love Beat.


Flippy Dove Treat is currently not in any relationships.

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