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Yo, this is the creator of Lux. Now, I'm going to explain a few things in these few paragraphs. First is his original story, the overly made, undeveloped mess of nothing makes sense, plot holes, and overpowered magic. Next is the reason why I completely wiped all traces of him from my accounts, and third is where he's ended up now. Let's begin shall we?

Okay, so first. To summarize the giant mary-sue story arch here, and I'm pulling back from the depths of my memory here, so I don't recall all of it. It started of with the City of lights, north of Equestria, where Lux grew up with his sister, who's name escapes me. Anyway, the city gets attacked, and his parents get dead, oh noes! He and his sister escape, he leaves his sister with some tribe or something, and remember that at this point they're only foals. Lux manages to find his way to Pinkie's rock farm (see where this is going?) Now this is where we have weird time stuff going on. This all happened 1000 years or so previous to the show, I know, such creativity. Anyway, he gets taken in, bad things happen, Pinkie is sent to the future, Lux frozen in stone. 

Normal timeframe of the show, Lux is reawakened, more bad things happen, saves planet, yay, but guess what, he has a doppleganger created by this woman Marlow, who they just beat up. Comes important later, remember that this doppleganger was bad, and so was Marlow. 

Second book in the series (excluding the prequel) There are seven evil shadows that begin to mimic the mane six, Lux, with help, manages to defeat them all, but the seventh one kills pinkie, oh noes, more death.

Lux then travels to the underworld to save her, but he doesn't look back so she's cool. (from here it gets a little foggy, so forgive me.)

Things I forgot to mention, there was this pony that was sealed away in time, that kind of hates Lux, her name is Psych, and she manages to escape. Some weird shit happens and we have some silent hill thing going on all of a sudden, when it turns out the only reason she did anything bad was because some knife was possessed, and she was taken over by a demon (let the plot holes begin! How does lux go back in time? How come if she was possessed thousands of years previous, Lux manages to stop her from getting the knife in the normal show timeline? Find out in the next instalment of, NOBODY KNOWS!) 

Lux is then sent to the human world, he's human now guys! Cool huh? He was actually human once before, when he went to the underworld, there was a small section. anyway, new team, two people. Francis Amir, A boy from the Holocaust that was also zapped forward in time (he stole a hella cool Nazi exoskeleton, he's also jewish!) Then there's Harold Baxton, a future war veteran who's story I never developed. Together they stop aliens called shadows. Lux also learns that Marlow took him from a family in the past, to protect him from Celestia, who's aparently kind of a bitch in this one, so Marlow's actually pretty good. (more plot holes, she destroyed his city, why?) Then he gets sent back to Equestria. 

I forgot everything up to the last book, so final story, here it goes.

This was actually a pretty okay book, for me at the time at least. It doesn't compare to my current work, but it was the highest in quality at the time. Lux returns to Equestria, I think from Earth after the last book I explained to find out that he's been gone for over a year, and guess what, everything has gone to shit! Equestria is in the middle of all out war. It turns out that Lux, a species known as a Lightshadow, came from an ancient blade (MORE PLOT HOLES. I swear this plot was like jesus it was so holy) There is two of every element, then two for the hilt. Fourteen in all, (light and darkness were counted as a single element here). Lux was part of the hilt supposedly, and Rift was kind of his brother, and is the one raging this huge war on Equestria. Marlow is actually the one who helps him realize all of this, and D.L. (Doppleganger Lux) joins his team to help him search out the lightshadows. They gather them all, leading to the second part of the story, where Lux has a kid, his name is Legacy (also has a few cameos in my newer books) Lux goes to fight Rift, and dies. Part three! Legacy takes over a few years later, setting out to regather the elements. He has the sword, given to him by a friend named Dagger, who kind of wasn't a friend at first, but his sister was a bitch, so he left (the two fight at the end) There was another pony who helps legacy, and I forgot her name, but they travel all through Equestria and to numerous human realms, gathering the elements before Legacy goes to fight Rift, Dagger fights his sister, and the other pony fights something else, I don't remember. They win, the end of the series.

Now, on to why he's gone. Lux was overpowered, confusing, mary-sue, and just didn't seem to make any sense. So I deleted his pony version completely, and began a new series, though he doesn't feature.

New series: 5028: Though not about pony's I had to tip my hat to a few old characters. In the Blackwater System, on the planet Draenica, Lux serves as another special character, a Twilight, ones who control over elements, but those powers are very limited. He works as a double agent pilot, since Twilights are actually hunted and killed, mostly. He kicks some ass toward the end and pilots one of the main characters, Jewls to different planets after the first book. 

Legacy acts as a planetary backup main character. Now I need explain this in further detail. Each book focusses on a planet. There's the main character, which is heavily based on the person I wish I was, (brave, confrontational yet logical at the same time. I'm not putting badass in there because I've got that already) but beside the main character, there's always a person or in the case of the first book, a good number of people from that planet, who serve as an important person in that story, and sometimes in other stories as well. Legacy's story is pretty much going to be similar to his old one, but more sensical I guess.

All in all, I've moved both Lux and Legacy (these OCs of mine) from a confusing series with numerous plot holes, to a VERY confusing series with far less plotholes (though I'll probably find them and eradicate them)

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