Comet is a pale pink coated (Vinyl Scratch coloured) Pegasus mare with a chestnut brown mane styled similar to Fluttershy’s mane, but a little shorter and with a wavy tail. She has purple eyes (Twilight Sparkle coloured) and her cutie mark is that of a yellow HB pencil crossed with a paintbrush with red paint on the end. It symbolises her creativity.

Her cutie mark is a simple yellow HB pencil with a black led, pink rubber at the end with a metal holder diagonal to a brown handled paintbrush with cream coloured bristles and red paint on the tip. She got her cutie mark upon realising that her talent was writing books and drawing, being creative and being individual.

Her mane looks very much like Fluttershy’s mane except that it goes straight from behind her ear and over one eye into a short curve, looking much like her creator’s hair. The tail, being long and wavy, represents her creator’s wish of one day having SUPER LONG hair. It is a chestnut brown mane with two outlined lines going from behind the ear to the tip of the curve, same with the tail but you get what I mean.

Comet was born in Cloudsdale several years after her older brother Galileo was born, a moment after her twin sister Cloudy and several years before her younger sister Snowflake was born. She lived in Cloudsdale for several years, until one day at age seven, she ventured out of her home to prove to local bullies that she was ‘a true Pegasus that had no fear’, yet Comet was deathly afraid of heights.

She flew for a few minutes before looking down and plummeting down below the cloud city, into a hilly area where dragons migrated to and from. Luckily, it was the time of year where no dragons were there. She looked around until she found a small hot pink egg with purple spots on it, she carried the egg up with her back to Cloudsdale and hid it from her family until it hatched into a baby dragon, which she named Viviana or Vivi for short.

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