Cactus Cathy is a pony from Pudgyville, a place where ponies can be fat and happy.

Early Life

Cactus Cathy got into her love of cacti from a book she found in the Death Valley Gift Shop called Cacti and the World They Live In and after reading the facts, she became fascinated with them.


Cactus cathy is a fat bright green pony with fuchsia hair and light green eyes.
Cactus Cathy

Cactus Cathy at Belly Beach.


Cactus Cathy as her name suggests loves cacti and she often carries a tiny one with her. She likes to talk a lot about cacti with others too.


Cactus Cathy has a sister named Saguaro Sweetie and a brother named Needle Nail.


Cactus Cathy has no love relationships, mostly due to her hobby.  


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