is a earth pony who lives in ponyville and part of the Aroo family. An interesting fact is that he and his family are actually from 20 years from the future.


Budaroo is the baby child of the three with a older brother and sister and the son of Billaroo, Owner of a repair shop,and Beckiaroo, an Employee at a clothing store.(However he lost her mother 3 years ago when a crime group known as the Mare-do-Well Alliance capture and forced recruit her). Bud was the second of the trio to earn his cutie mark at the age of 9.   Before he and Buck were teased for not having their cutie marks, even Buck who hasn't had his yet, despite being the first born. During the Family Fun tournament while Bud had to balance a egg on a spoon to win a race, a avalanche of sport balls escape from the crate came towards Bud. Just as the balls came into contact with Bud, He was able to attack each ball and send it back to the create. And even though he lost the race, he earned his cutie mark to discover that his talent is sports as he never missed a ball while kicking it.

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